Faol's Bane

Book One of the Rainbow Stone


Faol’s Bane is the first fantasy adventure book in the Rainbow Stone series.

Faol is a top undercover agent for The Agency, with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. Life is good until his girlfriend and long-time  Agency partner, finds the Rainbow Stone.

What follows is an emotional journey of Faol’s worst nightmares, testing his values and loyalties to the extreme.  The Rainbow Stone becomes his focus to keep living, and his reason to die. Its strange powers, not yet fully understood, draw him into a world of political intrigue, where he fights to gain the Stone and stop enemy hands from unleashing its powers on the world. He sets out on a journey that ultimately teaches him that the world is not as black and white as he would like to believe, and that although he may be good at his job, many are as good, if not better.

How to Read Oracle Cards

For Self Help and Enlightenment

How to Read Oracle Cards not only offers an original guide to reading cards, but more importantly shows how to use the cards for self help, growth and enlightenment. It challenges many ideas regarding how you SHOULD read cards and offers instead a unique method based on modern Energy techniques.

The book is based on the best selling course, How To Read Oracle Cards, and has added chapters, but retains all the exercises. The exercises in this book will enhance your daily life and bring your intuition to the fore, while strengthening your trust muscle!

Unique Spreads are offered to help you dive deep into yourself and come out with new understanding and wisdom. There is a section on how to use your gift to help others and to make money. The book is clear and concise and will offer both beginners and more advanced card readers a wealth of information.

The Rats Tale
The Rainbow Stone Series

A Novella

The Rainbow Stone is a Fantasy Adventure series. 

The Rat's Tale is a novella about the early life of one of the main characters, Sobolan. It can be read as a standalone, short story, but also helps give a bigger picture to readers of the Rainbow Stone series.

The Rats Tale will be released in 2019.


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