Kirsten Ivatts heralds from Oxford in the UK, but spent most of her formative years in Yorkshire. Kirsten has a great love of nature, and loves walking in the English countryside. Nature inspires her photographic art, and her spirituality.

The mythical stories of Great Britain and a brush with Chinese Qi-Gong sent Kirsten on a journey of self discovery, and introduced her to the very real world of energy. She trained as an Energy Practitioner and Teacher, and her understanding of how energy affects the human system and the world around us, comes through in her Spiritual Self Help Books, but also in her Fantasy Fiction.



At the age of eight, Kirsten wrote and illustrated her first book, Rob the Rabbit, for her younger sister. The stories kept on coming, and many are now being edited and formatted for publication.

Kirsten's Fantasy books are published under the name K.M. Ivatts.

Kirsten lives with her husband and youngest of her four children, on the Berkshire Downs, England. She also has twin grandsons, and two cats.

Kirsten is available for public speaking and unique teachings including How to Read Oracle Cards, and How to Reclaim lost energy.


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Kirsten Ivatts - Woodend Farmhouse, Compton, UK


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